Real stories from my homeopathic practice

Homeopathy for hyperthyroidism – Project Manager 40y

“The homeopathic remedy from the Lanthanides group help her with her hyperthyroidism and digestive problems. She’s not limited in the food she eats and doesn’t take any medications for her thyroid gland. She has found a new job with plenty of traveling and is longer afraid of losing money.”

Homeopathy for hypothyroidism

Homeopathic remedies for dogs

“We look at the animal comprehensively, taking into account not only its physical difficulties, but also its nature and behavior.”

Homeopathic treatment of animals

Homeopathic treatment of children

“The homeopathy is a deep seated therapy. It heals the person as a whole, both physically and mentally. During the treatment we address the roots of the problem which helps lead to a complete healing. After removing our blocks and loads, we come back to a state of balance and we continue in harmony and full strength on our journey through life.”

homeopathic consultation

Homeopathy for hay fever and eczema – Boy 13y

“The sneezing and runny nose have completely disappeared. His belly and skin are fine now. As for his mood, he seems more at ease. He is more open and his self-confidence has increased. I am very pleased with homeopathy and I would rate the overall improvement by 90%.”

Homeopathy for allergies - hay-fever

Homeopathy for insomnia – Cleaning lady 51y

After 3 months:“Ms. Lucia. I want to thank you. I sleep like
a baby now. The
from my ex-boyfriend is
. I woke up one day and realized that he can´t hurt me anymore. I am very grateful to you. You don’t
even know how much you helped me. Spread your help further, you are a very special person.

Homeopathy for insomnia sleeplessness

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