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Homeopathy for anger and exhaustion - 35y Mom

Overwhelmed and tired mom

or how homeopathy can transform you from an angry cheetah to a peaceful heron

Every mother always wants the best for her children. We mothers strive to do everything to provide it for them from their first breath. We love them with all our hearts, take care of them with 100% care, and try to satisfy all their needs.

However, the problem begins when everything starts to be too much. It is not only about taking care of kids; these days, we try to be supermoms. We want to make everybody happy. Each child has their special requests and needs, then is it the housework, the job, after school activities, with a husband all day at work, etc. Demands are constantly increasing and for the overwhelmed mother there is no free time left. This work load and additional chores are mostly later reflected in our health issues.

This is a complex problem with overload and stress. 

In this case it is necessary to find an overall holistic treatment, like homeopathy, where the homeopath treats the cause of the problem.

I feel like an angry beast 

A thirty-seven year old light haired and slightly overweight mom comes to my practice for problems with exhaustion, irritation and anger. She is easily triggered towards her son. She also suffers from hot flashes and struggles to lose weight. Although she sleeps eight hours a day, she still feels tired.

Her fatigue, irritation and hot flashes started from the birth of her now 4-year-old son. When her son  clung to her breast to feed as a baby, the hot flush with cold sweat flooded her immediately. Despite the fact she doesn’t breastfeed anymore, when in stress, problems with the hot flushes still persist.

When I ask her to describe the situation and her behaviour in more detail, I find out that the main trigger is her son. When she asks him for something and he doesn’t listen or when he constantly requires something from her, or makes a mess and dumps the toys all around, she suddenly gets irritable with a great outburst of anger. She feels she can’t handle the situation anymore. She tries to suppress the anger, to turn around and take a deep breath, but when she suppresses the outburst, this is when the hot flush comes and floods her with a sweat. 

An overwhelmed mother

During the consultation, the client suddenly starts to cry and says: “I’d rather be alone, why did I have a child? There are often moments when I can’t deal with him anymore, I don’t know how to react with him.” At my question how she usually reacts then, she answers: “Either I suppress the anger and then the flush comes, or I can’t hold it anymore and yell at him. It is often quite ugly. I don’t understand my reactions. Then I don’t not recognize myself even if I tell myself that after all, we are not machines, we are only humans for god sake.” 

Then she suddenly says: “I have had enough of it all.” 

I ask her what she has had enough of. She answers: “The effort! I guess I’m trying too hard to make everything alright. To go to work, to have a clean house, to have a warm dinner every night at the table. Also I want my son to be healthy and learn to talk properly and understand everything.” (The boy suffers from a delay in speech development.)

During the consultation, I gradually realize that the client is overwhelmed and she puts too much pressure on herself. “When I explode, I curse and say ugly words to him. I feel like a beast with claws, like a cheetah. I see myself walk from one side to another. And when there it’s too much, I would attack my own child. Sometimes I explode at my husband too, he gets something of me too.” 

Then she smoothly continues into the description of the birth of her son, from which she has suffered a great trauma. “The birth was sudden, I couldn’t stand on my feet from exhaustion. He was a big baby. I see it as if it was yesterday, how I pushed him out. I wanted to have more children before, but now, I don’t want to give birth again. There were some complications, he got stuck, he suffocated and had to be revived.” 

Her son was immediately taken away from her after giving birth. First time she saw him, he was connected to tubes. “No one helped me with him. There were many complications, the next three years, everything revolved only around him, we were at the hospital many times. I was very afraid about him. That period of time was very exhausting for me.”

When asked what her nature is like, she answers she wants to do everything very quickly, she doesn’t have any patience. “I wasn’t that explosive before. I seem calm to people, but I can explode out of nowhere. My husband would say that I am caring and hardworking.” 

She works as a kindergarten teacher and likes to read romantic books, but she doesn’t have much time for herself. 


When I entered her symptoms into the homeopathic program, a particular remedy started to show up. But since I know the first remedy in the chart Nitric acid so well, I was already thinking about a different similar homeopathic remedy, which I later prescribed to her. Her choice of her favorite green color – 21C only confirms my selection. This remedy is not sufficiently represented in the repertory, so the homeopathic program would not find it for me.

One would first think that I choose a homeopathic remedy made from an animal, a beast, for example a cheetah. However, the client received a homeopathic remedy made from the chemical element called Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a colorless and odorless gas. This element is located in a periodic table of elements under the proton number 7. It is contained in most explosives, such as nitroglycerin, gunpowder, etc. Nitrogen in liquid form is used for cooling.

The remedy Nitrogen was not well known in homeopathy until it was described by the Dutch master homeopath Jan Scholten in the 1990s. The people who respond well to this remedy need more and more expansion. They are constantly increasing their demands, they have

the feeling that they have to do everything they have planned, and continue with what they have already achieved. Sometimes it is difficult for them to relax and take time off, even if they would like to do so. 

This creates a feeling of tension, which, if accumulates, may lead to an explosion. Therefore they often explode in bursts of anger when something doesn’t go the way they planned. They are very impatient. 

The second big theme of this homeopathic remedy is childbirth; when the baby is stuck in the birth canal or possibly after the childbirth for complications, which arose as a result of the jam.

Follow up after two months:

“Immediately after the first dose, I had to sit down and I instantly felt calmer. I took a big breath and enjoyed the moment. The best thing is, I insanely started to lose weight. Despite the fact that I didn’t change anything in my diet, I’m wearing a smaller dress size already. It is amazing! Also people around me have noticed the change. They praised me and asked me how I finally managed to lose weight. 

Also I don’t scream that much at my son anymore, even my husband noticed. Despite this there are still a lot of things to do and I don’t know how the days go by, I’m calmer. 

Psychically I feel much better too. I don’t sweat at all! I’m not that nervous and angry and I don’t feel tired anymore even if I’m still running around somewhere, I always arrange it somehow. I stopped using rude words. I scream at my son sometimes, but I know how to control it now. I better organize my time. I try to do chores quickly and then devote myself just to him. I don’t pressure myself anymore, it doesn’t make sense. I used to feel like a maid, I didn’t do anything else, just chores and repeated to my son what to do all around.”

When I asked her what she would compare herself to now, she replied, “I feel like a heron, something light, peaceful.”

After three years, she still feels good. Her problems did not return and she doesn’t need the remedy anymore. Also her son’s tics subsided after the administration of Nitrogen 30C. 

Photos created by ©freepik and ©klackohomeopathy

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