Veterinary homeopathy

The treatment of the animals in homeopathy is the same as the treatment of humans. Whether it is a dog, cat or a rabbit, we look at the animal comprehensively, taking into account not only its physical difficulties, but also its nature and behavior.

I often help all family members in my practice, including animals. 

Homeopathic help for a dog

This is how I met the dog Aslan, who came to me for homeopathic treatment. After the successful treatment of two children and the mother herself, the owner asked me to help their 7-year-old dog, a boxer named Aslan.

Since the owner lives abroad the consultation took place online, via video call. Aslan was bothered by problems with his paws. He had warts and mold on them. The hair on his paws often got inflamed with purulent discharge. The paws hurt as he walked, and Alsan limped. He had experienced repeated problems with his paws since he was a puppy. The owner was desperate, trying all available medications, whether natural or ointments from a vet, which, however, never permanently eliminated the problems. In addition, Alsan suffered from recurrent ear infections, excessive salivation and bad breath.

The homeopathic consultation for an animal is almost the same as a consultation for a young child who is not yet talking.

During the session, I observe the animal’s behavior and gather more detailed information about the problems they have. I enquire into the symptoms, the nature of the animal and the behavior of the animal in various situations, such as in the animal pack, what they like or dislike to do, etc. If the consultation takes place via video call, the owner usually sends me a few videos of the animal prior to the consultation.

In Aslan’s case, I learnt he was more of an introvert. They have two other dogs in the household, from which he is rather reserved. For example, he does not like when another dog touches him during his sleep, then he nervously circles around the bed and looks for free space for himself. He often ends up sleeping on the floor alone. However, he loves people very much. Aslan fell in love with the owner’s father, he could sit next to him for hours while he works in the garden. Aslan, on the other hand, is impulsive, if he doesn’t like something suspicious around him, he jumps out in a second, and despite the pain of paws, he runs and barks loudly.

The constitutional prescription

During the consultation, I write down all the information and enter the symptoms into the homeopathic program, which reduces the selection of a suitable remedy. I’m already thinking of the homeopathic remedy that I later prescribed for him.

During the video call, I also receive additional information that only confirms my choice of the right homeopathic remedy. Aslan must be separated from other dogs at meal time, because when someone approaches his bowl, he starts barking at the other dogs, probably out of fear that one of them will eat his dinner. In the past his front legs could even become paralyzed for a while, and he could not walk. When he was a puppy, he fought for his position among the older dogs. Even now, when he gets a bowl of water, he prefers to drink it all at once.

For Alsan, I chose the homeopathic remedy – Mercurius solubilis

A person or animal who needs this homeopathic remedy is usually more of an introvert, feels different from the others, and also prefers to keep his distance from the others. The patient could also be impulsive, and long-suppressed feelings and fears can result in aggressive behavior towards others. People or animals who respond well to Mercurius often suffer from various inflammations, such as the ears, mouth, throat, skin, etc. They seek help for recurrent warts, aphthae, but also with neurological problems such as trembling hands or paralysis.

After the remedy of Mercurius solubilis, Alasan’s problems gradually completely disappeared. Not only the difficulties with the paws did not return, but he no longer suffered from inflammation of the ears, excessive salivation and his bad breath also subsided. He began to socialize more with other dogs and stopped worrying about his food.

The stroke

I hadn’t heard from Aslan in almost three years, until I got news of his stroke.

It was at a time when the family went on vacation for a week. The vet diagnosed him with a stroke and didn’t give him much of a chance to recover. Alsan suffered from ataxia two weeks after the stroke, could not coordinate his physical movement or walk straight, tilted his head to the side, had one swollen side of his head, a drooping lid and a lower lip from which his saliva flowed, he urinated involuntarily. After re-administering the remedy Mercurius the owner did not see any improvement and therefore asked me for help again.

After entering Aslan’s new symptoms into the homeopathic repertory, I was drawn to the homeopathic remedy Plumbum – made of lead, which is in the periodic table of elements near Mercurius. Plumbum is used in homeopathy mainly for arteriosclerosis, which often affects cerebral vessels with numerous neurological problems. In the past a homeopathic remedy from this period of the periodic table helped Aslan with his problems, so I didn’t hesitate and recommended Plumbum.

Within 24 hours after administration of the Plumbum, the ataxia was reduced to 95%, and Aslan was able to coordinate movements and walk straight. Within a week, he urinated without problems, his head was not swollen and he didn’t lean sideways anymore. At the moment, Alsan is completely without symptoms of the stroke. The owner is very happy and despite the fact that Alsan is 10 years old now, he looks like a young dog. The whole family noticed the changes. He is playful, happy, wants to cuddle and has a lot of energy. The first gray hair he had around his face also disappeared. The owner is thrilled with the results of homeopathy.

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