Free 15 min Video Call

Free 15 minutes

If you are not sure if I´m the right person to help you, book a FREE 15-min. introductory consultation with me, so you can get to know me better and find out how I can help. I look forward to meeting you!

Family package for 2 family members

Best for families
$300/£250/280€ Up to 2 people
  • This budget friendly offer also includes FREE follow-up fee for one member of the family (in case of parent and child) if scheduled at once!!!
  • Each person has his/her own consultation appointment

Family package

Best for families
$550/£450/515€ Up to 4 people
  • Ideal for families and extended family.
  • Each person has his/her own consultation appointment.

Acute Consultation

Only for acute state
$50/£42/47€ Up to 30 minutes

Homeopathic support in:

  • fever
  • coughs
  • infections & viruses
  • minor injuries & pain
  • pregnancy problems

Follow-up Consultation

$90/£75/85€ Up to 45 minutes
  • Important for the evaluation of ongoing treatment.
  • We discuss the progress of the treatment and
    you´ll be prescribed a new remedy if necessary.

Individual Consultation

Best for the first meeting

$180/£150/170€ Up to 90 minutes

The main consultation focuses on recurrent or chronic health issues.

We talk about everything that troubles you, how you cope with it mentally, how long you have had your problems, what was happening in your life when your health issues started, etc. We discuss your childhood, relationships with your parents and anything important that has happened in your life which could affect your current health problems. The consultation focuses on finding the cause and solutions to your current health issues. Please reserve up to 2 hours of uninterrupted time.

In case of young children, the consultation is carried out with parents present.