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Lucia Klacko Classical Homeopath
Lucia Klacko Classical Homeopath
Years of practice

I am a professional homeopath specializing in Family Homeopathy.

At the end of four years of study, I received my Diploma from the Academy of Classical Homeopathy.

Since starting my practice 8 years ago I have treated hundreds of clients with different physical and mental diagnoses.

I provide homeopathic treatment for the whole family, from children to seniors, I also specialize in homeopathy for animals too.

I was taught by a number of homoeopaths from around the world like Jan Scholten from the Netherlands, Jonathan Hardy from the UK, Louis Klein from Canada, Michal Yakir from Israel, Mahesh Ghandi and Yogesh Segal from India, and many more. I often combine their homeopathic systems in my practice.

In addition to my professional practice, I provide courses for homeopaths in training.

It may sound like a cliché but I became a homeopath because I wanted to help people get well again, in a natural way. I believe that with the combination of skills like empathy and a passion for finding solutions, I´ve quickly became good at this.

When I first came across homeopathy, I was trying to find an alternative solution for my health problems, which I knew classical medicine couldn’t solve. I didn´t want to just suppress my problems with pills, I wanted to find a solution and resolve my complications.

Then I was advised to try homeopathy.

As a rational person with my feet firmly on the ground I was not sure about it, but I gave it a try.

And I saw the results – at both a physical and emotional level. I felt things shifting in me, and I started to realize a lot of patterns: what I was doing wrong in my life, and what I should change. My homeopath advised me to go study homeopathy, which I did right away.

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine, which can help you to get back on track on both a physical and mental level by supporting your own immune system; not just suppressing your problems, but helping you find the cause.

If you want to solve your health issues with homeopathy I would be delighted to help.

If you have any questions or queries please just send me a message. I look forward to meeting you online.

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