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Homeopathy for hyperthyroidism - Project Manager 40y

Homeopathy for Thyroid & Gluten intolerance

The homeopathic remedy from the Lanthanides group help her
with her hyperthyroidism and digestive problems. She’s not limited in the food she eats and doesn’t take any medications for her thyroid gland. She has found a new job with plenty of traveling and is longer afraid of losing money. 

Diseases that throw our immune system off balance are called autoimmune diseases. This kind of disease can affect every system or organ in the human body. The most known examples of an autoimmune disease among the general population are dysfunction of the thyroid gland or malfunction of the digestive system. Today it is quite common for  a patient to suffer with several autoimmune diseases simultaneously.

Homeopathy for hyperthyroidism 
Homeopathic medicine for hyperthyroidism
Klacko homeopathy
The Role of Homeopathy

Homeopathy as a holistic treatment is the ideal alternative choice in such cases. Homeopathy perceives a person from the overall point of view. It doesn’t only consider a patients’ health diagnoses but also the patient’s mental state and their nature.

The homeopath looks for the cause of a patient’s problems, what life event could have triggered it and when, and how the patient reacted to it.  This is all vital information in order for the homeopath to be able to select the right homeopathic remedy.

If ten people come with the same medical diagnosis, each of them can get a different homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy considers each of us in our uniqueness. We all react differently to various life situations andach of us deals with stressful events in our own way. The same traumatic event can be devastating for one person, but another person may not even notice.

The role of the homeopath is to identify this stress, find the origin of the difficulties in the psyche, and recommend a suitable homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic medicine aids the natural processes in the body to eliminate difficulties on all levels and to establish the original balance in the body. 

Money as the cause of autoimmune diseases

When we run out of money most of us can get stressed. Money could cause us to sacrifice nearly anything in our life, time, relationships, health, and sometimes self-esteem. In this fast moving world there is no time to calm down for a moment and to turn your attention within. There seems to be no time to perceive your feelings nor listen to your body. If we are exposed to stress for a long period of time we tend to suppress our feelings, discomforts and pain with drugs. If this temporary relief is prolonged for long enough, it is going to take a toll on our body and mind.

Without relieving our body of pressure, our internal protection systems start to fall apart. One of these systems is the autoimunine system and without proper relief it becomes faulty. Gradually our main protection system starts to inflict damage.

Hyperthyroidism homeopathy
Homeopathic treatment for hyperthyroidism
Desire for freedom

A 40-year-old woman came to my office. She suffered from autoimmune thyroid disease – manifested by hyperthyroidism – an increased function of the thyroid gland. She also had problems with frequent headaches, digestive tract problems (gluten intolerance) and insomnia.

She had a gluten intolerance and suffered from bloating. She felt that her whole body was out of balance and her health had been deteriorating. She visited specialists regularly without successful treatment. Her health problems had started almost 10 years previously in 2008.

Hyperthyroidism homeopathy
Thyroid homeopathy
Thyriod treatment in homeopathy

She used to work as a successful project manager for many years and did well at work. There were no problems with money so she bought a car and took a mortgage on a house. However the economic crisis in 2008 meant she lost her job overnight. She wasn’t able to find a new job for a long time and as a result financial difficulties piled up. She quickly found herself in debt and had no money to pay bills and her mortgage. She was frustrated and hopeless. She became anxious and had difficulty with sleeping.

She had digestive problems and also began to lose her hair. Due to a lack of sleep she was extremely exhausted. Finally she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

It took a full 6 months before she finally found a new job.

Finding the root of the problem

During the consultation, I felt that I had to go deeper and look for the cause of her difficulties. To my question I asked her why she didn’t sell the house when she was in debt and her deteriorating mental state began to be reflected in physical manifestations. She replied that it would mean returning to her parents’ house, where her father and brother lived, with whom she didn’t have a good relationship. “My parents didn’t take care of us. We never had a lot of money. My father once paid for my school trip. Since then, he reminded me every day to pay him the money back.”

Freedom homeopathy

“As a student I worked all summer long to pay him back to the last penny. My freedom depended on me finally starting to make money. After college, I started working on various projects and setting up processes in banks. My manager noticed my qualities, so he gave me more responsibilities within the projects. My career took off . I finally made enough money and became independent. I’ve had a boyfriend for seven years, but we don’t live together. I need freedom, I don’t like to adapt to anyone.”

When asked what three wishes she would have if she caught a goldfish, she replied: “I want to be free and independent, the second wish is to never lose my job again and my third wish is to have a sense of inner fulfillment – I want to do something meaningful.” 

After hearing these wishes, I was reassured that the remedy I was thinking about giving to her was the right one

Fear of lack of money

Based on the life story of the client, the strong topic of independence associated with money and autoimmune diseases, I recommended the homeopathic remedy – Erbium oxydatum.

The remedy Erbium oxydatum is from the group of precious metals called Lanthanides

In homeopathy a key word for the Lanthanides is “Self”. From this word the whole picture can be derived. They want to know who they are: self-knowledge. They want to be their own boss: autonomy. They want to be in control of themselves: self-control. They want to be themselves. The word “self” in Greek is “autos”, which we find in autonomy and auto-immune diseases. The people who need remedies from this group have a strong desire for individuality and independence. These are people who want to live life according to their own ideas and often suffer from autoimmune disease.

Erbium homeopathic remedy
Erbium oxydatum
Metallic ring - homeopathy

One of the main themes of the remedy Erbium oxydatum is that the loss of money leads to loss of independence. They may also be people who were neglected in childhood, helpless, had to adapt a lot and were unable to maintain their independence. So they don’t have enough self-esteem to gain the strength to be themselves. They can also be perceived as reserved, because they think it will help them maintain their sense of inner independence. The independence they lack in the real world

No thyroid and digestive problems anymore

After the homeopathic remedy, the client’s health improved significantly and her difficulties completely disappeared within a few months. Now she has no thyroid or digestive problems. She’s not limited in the food she eats and doesn’t take any medications for her thyroid gland. She has found a new job with plenty of traveling and has more opportunities to make her own business decisions. She is no longer afraid of losing money. 

Interesting remark: I showed the client a picture of the remedy I prescribed. She looked at me and showed me her ring decorated with a symbol of big eye, which was very similar to the appearance of this rare metal. 

Photos created by ©freepik and ©klackohomeopathy

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