3 Brief Pregnancy Cases

Headache, Hemorrhoids and Uterine Hematoma


I see a beautiful, young mother-to-be through the screen of my computer. She was referred to me by a doula with whom I work. She has had a constant headache for several weeks. The pain wakes her up at night. She describes a pulling pain from the nape of the neck extending to her temples.

She also complains of common pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, nausea and vomiting. I also ask more about her general current state and how and what exactly she feels and experiences when she is in pain. She describes the feeling of a drunk person, she feels dizzy, her head is spinning and she feels like her brain is not held in one place in her head, like her brain is bumping to the sides.

After entering the mentioned symptoms into the homeopathic repertory, the remedy Cyclamen appears in the leading positions, where one theme is of headaches due to the guilt of an induced abortion.

After my further inquiry on this topic, the future mother burst into tears and confirmed to me, that although she didn’t have an induced abortion, last year she experienced a miscarriage. She had a really hard time after that.

She thought it was her fault and blamed herself for going to the spa while pregnant and bathing in the warm water. She even had to seek the help of a psychologist. She is still worried about current pregnancy and doesn’t allow herself to be happy and excited.

Remedy prescription: Cyclamen 9C – one dose daily for 5 days

Follow-up in 2 weeks: her headaches completely subsided in a week. In homeopathy, we just don’t treat the headache, we also remove the psychosomatic cause. The future mother-to-be started to enjoy her pregnancy and looking forward to the birth of her baby.

Constipation and Hemorrhoids

A pregnant first time mother-to-be has 2 weeks before the due date. She has hemorrhoids (also called golden vein) – which are very painful. She also suffers from constipation, the stool is hard, in the form of balls and resembles goat’s poop. The pregnancy began to bother her in the last few days. She feels big, her belly is heavy and she can’t wait to give birth finally.

Based on the repertorization and confirmation of her overall state – I choose a remedy called Collinsonia – which is mainly used for constipation and hemorrhoids, that can also be aggravated by pregnancy.

Remedy prescription: Collinsonia 200C – one dose daily for 3 days

Patients who need the remedy Collinsonia need space, they hate boundaries and restrictions – like a big pregnant belly.

Follow-up 2 months after the birth: her pain immediately subsided, her stool improved, and the hemorrhoids gradually shrank. All symptoms subsided before the birth of her baby.

Uterine Hematoma – Bleeding

A pregnant client, currently in her 16th week, reached out to me regarding a hematoma in her uterus that causes bleeding several times a week. She is also experiencing severe uterine pain, necessitating extended hospital stays. Despite her aversion to hospitals, stemming from multiple IVF attempts and experiencing three miscarriages, this natural pregnancy occurred during a period when the reproductive clinic was closed due to the pandemic.

During the consultation, it became clear that she is a self-assured young woman with a clear sense of what she wants in life, unafraid to express her opinions directly. She holds a position as a project manager, enjoys spending time outdoors in nature, engages in various sports, and undertakes considerable physical work. Together with her husband, they recently purchased a new house, where she is in the process of planning a permaculture garden.

Upon inquiring about her activities prior to becoming pregnant, she shared that they were developing slopes for the new garden, during which she undertook the task of carrying very heavy stones by herself. Her favorite color is white.

After analyzing her case, I decided on the homeopathic remedy Arnica montana 30C for her treatment.

Remedy Prescription: Arnica montana 30C – administer two doses daily for the first 3 days, followed by one dose daily for the next 5 days, and then one dose every 2-3 days thereafter.

This remedy is indicated for issues arising from traumatic falls, bruises, and bleeding, which can be the result of falls, injuries, or after enduring mental or physical stress. According to Dr. Jan Scholten, individuals who benefit from Arnica tend to be very strong, work diligently, and achieve significant outcomes.

Arnica belongs to the Asteraceae plant family, which often embodies themes of Lanthanide and Carbon elements. Those requiring a remedy from this family exhibit a pronounced desire for individuality, independence, and leading their own lives.

They possess a significant aversion to interference, preferring to manage tasks independently and go their own way. They are more inclined to assert that they are fine rather than endure interruptions or intrusions. This is highlighted by the notable Arnica symptom of insisting they are well and dismissing medical assistance.

Even in times of illness, they prefer not to be bothered by doctors or others. They have a strong dislike for surgeries, vaccinations, medications, and any form of medical intervention, wishing to maintain their integrity, including that of their body. Any form of physical trauma, such as blows, beatings, or accidents, may be perceived as an infringement on their personal boundaries or a violation of their integrity. Hemorrhages, in any manifestation, can also reflect this theme. Their preference for the color white is notable.

Follow-up 2 weeks later: I was informed that the hematoma had completely resolved, with sonography no longer showing any signs of it. The client successfully gave birth to a healthy baby.

This article was also published on Hpathy.com in the Homeopathy for Everyone – October 2023 issue

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