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Homeopathy for anxiety and depression - Teacher 47y

Homeopathy for anxiety and depression

Woman, 47 years old teacher, anxiety and depression

The homeopathic remedy Lac caninum (dog´s milk) helped her with her depression and anxiety, as well as relieving her exhaustion and vertigo. She gained in confidence and became a school principal.


I don’t enjoy life anymore”

I’ve never met this lady personally. We only met via a video consultation. She has blond hair, a kind voice and a tired, weary face.

“I’m totally lacking my life energy. Sometimes I have a feeling, I don’t want live. I don’t enjoy life anymore. My sexual libido is also diminished. I am weak and tired. When I talk to someone, I get dizzy, my head is spinning, I can’t control it. I’m afraid something will happen to me. Then comes the anxiety, my heart is beating fast, I have a lump in my throat, and I’m afraid of fainting and that I will never be able to stand up again. I used to faint when I was young from fear.”

She talks more about her fears and anxiety. How hard it is for her as a teacher to stand in front of the class and talk to students. She has already tried different types of therapies, but it seems that her problems are getting worse. She feels as if she’s in a vicious circle.

The unloved child

She is the mother of two, currently, with her second husband. Her first husband mentally abused her, but she managed to get a divorce and marry again.

Furthermore, she didn’t have a very happy childhood. When she was 5, her brother died. Her mother became closed, loveless and emotionless. When she was 6 her second brother was born and she never heard a nice word from her mother anymore. Both parents were strict and unkind. The father made the rules and was never satisfied with anything. Growing up without love and sympathy was very hard for her. At the end of the day she felt she was the wrong one and started to blame herself. She closed herself of from the world.

Fainting from fear

She first started to faint at elementary school. She fainted from common fears, fear of school, or fear of the dentist. She remembers when she was 15, she fainted at the doctor and she saw a long tunnel with the light at the end. Then she woke up with the feeling that she was not ready to die yet. She became happy and a new person for a while, but this feeling slowly faded away.

Later she became pregnant with the first guy she met, got married and moved from her parents’ house. But with a tyrannical husband life was not easier for her.

The loner

She is a sensitive person with a lot of fears. She doesn’t like conflicts, prefers to keep quiet. She has very few friends. She has no girlfriend to have a coffee with. Surprisingly she liked to dance, it was the only time when she felt happy and let herself be free. She has also painted in the past, but now she doesn’t have the mood or energy for it. She doesn’t feel passion for anything anymore.

Exhausting work


She works as a first-grade teacher. Due to her tiredness teaching little ones wass very exhausting.

I do 200%, it is difficult from me to get up from bed in the morning. It is a lot of pressure on me, I have to teach them how to write, read, and be able to sit quietly in a chair. They ask me the same question 30x. I’m thinking about quitting my job, it takes all my energy. The anxiety comes at work often. The fears inside me growing, I am trembling inside, my heart is beating fast, I’m afraid these fears will overwhelm me. I don´t let anyone know what is happening inside. I don’t know how long I can manage. I have a responsibility for these children.”

Lifeless dog

I feel like a lifeless dog, without energy, lying on the floor. I want to be outside, just jumping from the happiness. I wish to be happy, to shine and spread love.”

Prescription :

I prescribed the homeopathic remedy – Lac caninum 200C – made from dog’s milk.

This remedy is suitable for the people with great weakness and fatigue. The patient can have a lot of fears and anxieties concerning their health, fainting and even death.

Is well used for vertigo, for headache when alternates sides, throat pain with also alternating sides, allergy, eczema, and many other symptoms.

There is a theme of suppression. Considering the role of the dog in our society, it seems logical.

The dog is addicted, not able to find food, dependent on his master. His survival depends on him. He doesn’t know if he can act as he wants or as his family wants, so he has to adapt. Often dogs are treated like a doormat by their owners.

People who need this remedy have not been sufficiently nourished as children, have a tyrannical past and as a result are often lonely and depressed.

Follow up after 2 months:

“Thank you very much, you’ve helped me so much. I feel 90% better. The vertigo and fears are gone. We went on a family trip, and I drove the car! Because of my fears I hadn’t been driving for ages! My self-confidence is getting better, I´ve stared to open like a flower bud. I don´t feel so tired and my job doesn’t feel that exhausting anymore. Everything with my husband is ok now.”

After several months she applied for the job of school principal, which she successfully won. After three years she is doing fine, in a good mood, without anxiety, fears and vertigo. She remained introverted and she became focused on being a good principal.

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